Social Media Expertise:


Looking for social media experts to help you on your online journey? Well, here they are!

These are some blogs that I personally follow and keep up with 🙂 They should aid you in expanding your SMM knowledge, as well as helping you to develop your social media accounts and build up authority in the industry.

  • Buffer Social – Often posts articles answering common questions, and thoroughly researches each topic before elaborating upon it. This is a major authority in the industry.
  • Peg Fitzpatrick – Offers advice and tips to new businesses on how to develop their brand in the social media world.
  • Simply Measured – Aids marketers in delving into social media, and provides systems on how to reach achievable goals
  • Sprout Social – Helps businesses develop their authority online, and provides insights from their team who all currently hold very influential positions in the industry
  • Socialmouths – Teaches people how to increase authority and success within the social media realm – great at informing newbie bloggers on how to enhance their image for online consumption
  • Razorsocial – Provides tools, systems, and articles on how to improve social media success for businesses
  • Socially Sorted – Helps businesses and individuals to understand the importance of imagery in social media marketing, offering advice on how to implement images successfully into online marketing strategies