Social Media Tools –

1) SocialQuant – Automate Twitter growth and get targeted followers

2) Traffup – Increase Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube recognition

3) TumblingJazz – Automate your Tumblr account to increase following and post recognition

4) Devumi – Get followers and kick-start all social media accounts quickly

Blogging Tools –

1) Themeforest – Offers a wide range of premium themes for your WordPress site

2) Namecheap – Get a cheap domain name for your blog!

Writing Tools –

1) Word Counter – Enables you to see the words you are using too often

2) Hemingway App – Like Hemingway, this online app allows you to write clearly and with simplistic consistency

3) Cliché Finder – It does exactly what it says, cleaning up your prose and removing jarring phrases that are too often overused and abused

4) Grammarly – This well known online application helps you to cleanse your written work of mistakes and grammatical errors

5) Autocrit – A helpful tool that enables book writers to easily edit their manuscripts

6) Journal and pen – Yep, I mean the LITERAL journal and pen; Old-fashioned, yet still incredibly useful