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This is a blogging site run by Elly G. Shirvell.

Hi there! I am a freelance writer, certified in Professional Writing and Editing via Victoria University.

I enjoy novel writing in my free-time, as well as cuddling up with a book on cold nights. And, I absolutely adore the soft dulcet tones of Bob Dylan!

Ever since I was young I enjoyed two things, one being singing, and the latter writing. I focused on singing for most of my early childhood until I came to the startling realisation that I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

After coming to this conclusion (A bit late if I say so myself), I figured that my best bet at doing something I loved as a career, was to write. So here I am, wistfully dreaming of the days I thought I was going to be a pop-star.


If you think I’m suitable for a project or job, send me a message/email and I’d be glad to start working immediately!

You can find me here:




Online Portfolio


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