Writing Inspiration: Why You Don’t Have Any


Are you strapped for inspiration?

Are you struggling to find quality ideas?

Is that mysterious spark that all writers need, alluding you just like you hide from commitment?

Yeah, it is isn’t it?

I bet you want to scratch your nails across your desk. I bet, you’re just about to give up and thump your head onto your premium $150 mechanical keyboard.

You’re probably wondering right now, if it’s possible to live a life completely and utterly uninspired.

After all, that is what’s happening to you right now.

And let’s face it, if you don’t find inspiration fast – you’re doomed. No ifs or buts about it. You are a gonner.

You’re toast.

You are, fineto.

Seriously, how can a writer write, without inspiration! It’s practically impossible.

So, what’s got you so darn uninspired?

Now, here’s the real reason you have zero inspiration.

You are not thinking like a writer.

Yep, you heard me. I said it, and I’m not ashamed!

If you’re living your life as per usual, half-asleep and walking around in a mindless doze. It’s doubtful that you’re going to notice inspiring events, and spot those cataclysmic events that can spawn wondrous stories.

You need to kick yourself in the butt, and start looking at the world through the bright dazzling eyes of a writer!

Look at everything. Analyse everything!

Allow NOTHING to escape your scrutiny.

Listen in on conversations – yes, eavesdropping is bad, but, you’re a writer so you’re immune to such silly formalities.

Watch the sun set, and the sun rise. Watch two lovers fall into each other’s arms. Watch best friends punch each other a bit too hard, and then begin to brawl for dominance!


You will never find inspiration, if you do not filter the world through a perspective of creativity and curiosity. You will never succeed as a writer, if you do not watch what’s around you.

You need to live, and live HARD.

So, is it possible to find inspiration before it’s too late?

Of course it is! You just needa’ strap on your ‘I’m a professional writer cap’, and step outside into the big ole’ outdoors.

If you stop thinking like a writer, and fail to observe your surroundings, it’s going to be downright impossible to snag a bit of inspo.


As long as you jerk yourself out of that slump you’re in, and put on your big boy (or girl) shoes, you’ll be fine and dandy in no time.

Where can we writers, find inspiration day in and day out?

Easy. Outside.

I know, I probably just made a lot of ‘home-bodies’ and ‘introverts’ shrivel up inside. But, unfortunately it’s the cold hard truth.

How can you expect to be inspired and produce quality ideas to write about, when you stay in the same place and never move from your butt-creased sofa?

Get up, grab a snack, and step through your front door! There are sights to see, people to visit, and an abundance of inspiration that needs catching.

Great places to become inspired include: Cafes (Great for improving dialogue, learning mannerisms, as well as honing physical characterisation), Parks (Enhances understanding of one’s world, and furthers a writer’s ability to describe environment – also parks are freaking awesome), libraries (Great for people watching, useful for spur of the moment prompts in concerns of a stranger’s life).

There is no shortage of places that you can go, to get inspired.

You simply need to get off your ass, and go somewhere!

What should you do now?

Stop pulling your hair out.

You need to realise that the real problem blocking you from inspiration, is your perception.

There is a story to be found everywhere.

A bloody stapler, can inspire you to write one of the best serial killer novels in the world!

You need to get creative with it – Look through a different lens, and get to living your life.

If you don’t live, and feel, you will fall into a dark formless abyss, forever void of creativity and growth.

I don’t mean to scare you there, but it had to be said!

LIVE, live before it’s too late.



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