How to: Overcome Stress, and Write More!

Stress. Everyone hates it, and no one needs it!

We all face it. Some of us more than others; unfortunate souls even tangle with it on a daily basis.


An inhibitor to creativity, growth, and imagination. It’s the villain in all of our stories, and the tyrannical dictator keeping us, the underdogs, down.

You can struggle against it for weeks on end, but if you don’t have a good plan or a tactical approach? You’re doomed!

You can go and kiss your worry-free days goodbye, and start submitting to the evil truth – you’re just like every other poor sod working 9 to 5, who hates his job and misses his family.


How can we overcome one of the top issues in our world, that seems to plague everybody under the sun?

How do we separate ourselves form the pack, and stomp our stress into the ground, turning it into a pile of dust?

What, can we do about it? Is there even anything we can do about it?

Don’t worry, or rather, stress. Because there’s plenty of things we can do about it!

Often we get so bummed out by all the tasks we have to complete in our day-to-day lives, that we see no hope in attempting to curb our stress. But, such thoughts only serve to stress us out even more!

The first key to kicking stress in the bum so we can write is? Motivation, and positivity!

Create a morning ritual for yourself.

A great way to start diffusing stress, is to create a calming morning ritual that helps you to wake up and boosts your energy.

My personal morning ritual consists of brewing a large mug of matcha – Japanese powdered green tea (It’s full of antioxidants and even helps with weight-loss, give it a try!).

Then, I usually clean up any messes I’ve left festering over from last-night, before I finally sit down to… No, not write… Nip in the bud a few of those pesky tasks causing me so much stress!

Squash those stressful tasks before they hinder your writing!

If you dive head first, and early, into whatever tedious, or anxiety-stirring task that’s got you fretting. You will ultimately kick any stress that was trying to surface in your gut out onto the street – exactly where it deserves to be!

What I’ve noticed with this method of getting boring chores out of the way first is, a) I have more energy to do things later on in the day, b) I have a confidence boost from being so productive in the morning, and c) I feel like I have more time to write, and I can write a lot more too!

What about breakfast, you say?

I know, I know. Everyone loves to make time for a hearty breakfast. But, believe it or not, it’s holding you back!

Studies, individual experiences, and historical evidence, have shown that people who eat one hearty meal a day, live longer, and have way more energy throughout the entirety of their lives.

Sure, you can squeeze in some breakfast while making up a morning ritual – but trust me, skipping the generic ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ regime will supercharge your health and help you massively to de-stress.

If you do choose to have breakfast, try eating zero, unprocessed, or low-carb foods; carbs weigh you down, hinder weight loss, and even in some cases, processed carbohydrates inhibit brain function.

Tackle each day with a positive can-do attitude!

If you’re always starting your mornings with a ‘down in the dumps’ mindset. How can you expect to overcome stress, and write solid material? It’s practically impossible!

Unless, of course, your writing is macabre and relies solely on depressive themes… In that case, maybe positivity isn’t for you (Either way, you can still follow other bits of advice in this post!).

Jump out of bed each morning with an upbeat attitude, and start setting goals for yourself!

Goals like: Get the vacuuming done before 10:00am, prepare dinner in advance, finish those chores that you’ve put off all week, or, even more ground-breaking, message that cute guy or girl you’ve been fawning over for months!

When you come at situations with a positive out-look, stress struggles to find a foot-hold in your life. No longer can you be controlled by circumstances that drive you crazy, or dead-lines that make you want to pull your hair out.

You are a confident task-crushing machine!

You, are the boss of your own life (That’s if you are an atheist of course – we Christians tend to put all the messy and hard stuff in God’s very capable hands!), and you tell your body what to feel and your mind what to think!

Where does the writing come in?

It comes in, as soon as you’ve ticked a few tedious chores off of your to-do list. Because, once you’ve already started kicking goals and taking names, you’ll be more motivated to write.

For instance, I’ve been following these ‘steps’ for a good few days now, and I have been drumming out article after article, it’s honestly non-stop!

My keyboard hasn’t had a break from incessant typing in weeks.

Today, after I cleaned up the house (Vacuuming, wiping down benches, laundry, washing dishes, tidying up – the usual) I managed to write three articles, create an email campaign template, finish an EXTREMELY dull college assignment for my writing course, pitch an idea to the Penny Hoarder, email in a job application, and I still have tons of energy to blow!

Mind you, there were countless moments in-between all of this bustling activity, where I had conversations with my sister, rubbed my gorgeous dog’s belly, and had a good sing-along to some music.

It just goes to show that we all have more time than we think, and that often the things that stress us out, really aren’t so stressful after all.

Stress, is all in the mind. Once you realise that, it will never bother you again! A healthy life, and adding structure to your day, is all it really takes to write up a storm and say goodbye to stress forever.


2 thoughts on “How to: Overcome Stress, and Write More!

  1. Yep, stress can be paralysing. I find it helpful to remind myself (over and over) that in the grand scheme of life and the universe it really doesn’t matter if what I write isn’t great, or even good, if I want to be a writer, the most important thing is to just practice writing! Whatever the result.

    Green tea is a great tip. All the benefits of coffee (plus more) without the jitteriness and the ‘crash’ that comes later.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Very true! The more we all write eventually there will be some form of improvement. That’s what matters. Trying is key to anything in my mind 🙂 And yes green tea is AMAZING. It also tastes pretty nice too 😉 Thanks Kirra x


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